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Frequently asked questions about our products.
Here, for your direct information, we provide you with some answers to questions that we are frequently asked.
Naturally, you can also contact us. We are happy to help and advise you with our solutions!

»How are labels made?
In contrast to the programming of embroidered badges, no manual programming is carried out for print labels. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to have as good a template as possible. This template can be derived easily from films, letterheads, or similar.

Most of the costs in this step are incurred by the post-processing of contours and colour separation. Once the template has been cleanly processed, a printing plate is then illuminated, which is used for the actual printing process. Our applied wash- and clean-proof method is based on the process of sublimation printing on polyester materials. All of the working steps are repeated for each desired colour.

When the print labels have been printed, they are either hot-cut with the separating welding device (for square shapes) or given a merrow border (almost all shapes, mostly round), depending on the customer’s wishes and the shape. The print label is now ready for dispatch.

»What is a patch and transfer label?
These labels are especially suitable for application to finished products, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, working clothes, etc.

As with the manufacture of print labels to be sewn on, a print film is also required for the production of patches and transfer labels. Its quality decides the later quality of the reproduction. It is therefore recommendable to use as good a template as possible for the creation of the print film.

Patches are a particularly attractive alternative to woven and printed labels that have to be sewn onto clothing. The advantages of patches include a short application time with special patch machines, and high-quality printing in washing- and cleaning-resistant form.

Transfer labels are particularly suitable for all images that are to appear, for example, as free-standing labels on a clothing background. The colour-intensive and opaque designs of our transfer tags enable the labelling of many different clothing parts.

It is important for the durability of the application to use high-quality precision patch machines, which we can offer our customers in our company.