Männel Textile Abzeichen
Männel Textile Abzeichen
Männel Textile Zeichen

Männel History - 46 Years Successful in textile finishing.
Whether you need Embroidered badges, Direct embroidery, patcesh or Transfer printing abd Sublimation printing,
we offer our friendly, professional and qualified service.

Complete renovation of the company building in Graben/Lagerlechfeld.
Manufacture of customer-oriented textile transponders for special applications. New, customer-friendly design of our website.

Entry of Christina Männel to the general management of all MÄNNEL companies. Four-fold increase in capacity in the sewing service in Theuma.

Expansion in production at the Theuma location and beginning of sewing service.

Development of a laser bridge at the Kraichtal location and introduction of laser technology for textile refinements.

Continuous production of name emblems that can be removed from the embroidery base.

Relocation of the Kraichtal factory to a new building. Celebration of the 40th anniversary of Männel.

Renewal of a large part of the machine fleet and conduction of technology tests.

Integration of an independent development department.
Introduction of a new inventory control system for all locations.

Development of a name emblem service.

First patents and samples for luminous textiles, experiments with technical embroidery.

Centralisation of six production centres of the Männel Group and the reflex promotion Holding AS under the roof of the CITS AG, based in Hausen/Switzerland.

Development of an international distribution association for technical embroidery.

Development of our own production of patches and transfer labels in Bavaria. Celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Theuma location.

Expansion of EMF, Sélestat France, development of customer base.

Acquisition of the ServicelogiQ embroidery service. (Quelle subsidiary)

Conversion into a Holding (EEE) with production companies of equal legal status. Complete overhaul (software/hardware/machine fleet) in Theuma.

Construction of the factory in Sélestat/France.

Takeover of the Bavarian embroidery company BÄUMLER. Celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Kraichtal location.

Foundation of a French company "EMF" in Colmar.

Construction and operation commencement of a new factory in Theuma.

Acquisition of patents for automatic embroidery programming.

Relocation into a new building in the industrial estate and deployment of the first TAJIMA fully electronic sewing machines.

Conversion into “Männel GmbH & Co. KG”.

Relocation into our own building (former administration offices) in Kraichtal (Oberöwisheim).

Founded as “Mechanische Automatenstickerei Büchig” (MAB) in Büchig near Karlsruhe.

Männel Textile Kennzeichnungen
Incorporated in 1969, Mechanical Embroidery BüchigMännel Textile Kennzeichnungen
Relocation 1975 in the district offices (administration building) Oberöwisheim