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Location Kraichtal
Technical innovations are developed at this location. In addition, the activities of all the locations are coordinated here and joint actions are planned and implemented.

The Kraichtal location has the longest tradition in the overall company. The decision to locate in the Kraichgau region came as early as 1973 with the acquisition by the company founder of the former administration office for the district of Kraichtal-Oberöwisheim, which was built in 1756. This location centrally situated between the cities of Karlsruhe, Heidelberg, Heilbronn, Mannheim and Stuttgart. Furthermore, the proximity to Bruchsal and the train connections to Karlsruhe provide extremely favourable conditions for the economic development of Kraichtal.

Against this background, and the circumstance of rigorously following an innovative business policy, the development of the company in Kraichtal seemed preordained. In 1981, after constant growth, a new company building that was conceived for the production of embroidered badges and embroideries went into operation. The next relocation, to a neighbouring town, took place in 2009, into a production facility with double the size. The constant further development of products and production processes creates a large competitive advantage for the MÄNNEL company, ensuring constant growth to the current size of the company.

The MÄNNEL service team in Kraichtal aims to maintain this high level of standard and its own high quality expectations, and to expand these constantly.

The town of Kraichtal is situated in the western Kraichgau, a hilly landscape between the Black Forest and the Odenwald, and between the Upper Rhine Plain and the Neckar.