Männel Textile Abzeichen
Männel Textile Abzeichen
Männel Textile Zeichen
Männel Textile Abzeichen

The latest Laser Technology.
We use since 2012 a laser bridge to optimize our production process
and to identify many materials.

Since 2012 we have been using the latest laser technology to optimise our production processes, by cutting complex contours directly in the machine. But we also use laser technology to label many materials. Along with simple laser embossing (by burning off the material layer for layer, a structure is created and/or a change in colour is achieved) we offer diverse laser-embroidery combinations. Detailed application work can also be carried out with this method.

In this manner we manage to create labels that are always in the background, which skilfully combine elegant embroidery, for example, with embossed engravings.


»Favoured areas of use: refining denim, fleece and soft-shell materials, (artificial) leather and other thick base fabrics.