Männel Textile Abzeichen
Männel Textile Abzeichen
Männel Textile Zeichen
Männel Textile Abzeichen Männel Textile Abzeichen

Innovations & new developments.
Successful and market-oriented developments/patents have
characterised us for many years throughout Europe.

We are currently experimenting with a type of textile labelling that is becoming ever more popular:
Visible MÄNNEL Tags (VMT) and Invisible MÄNNEL Tags (IMVT). These transponders, with integrated RFID chips, provide the ideal inconspicuous textile identification and, like all of our products, is flexible and easily washable. Optimised antenna structures allow the recording of textiles in bundles, sacks and piles.

Brought out as an individual brand label, care label or laundry label, the textile RFID transponders IMT or IMVT, together with application-specific UHF readers, provide the basis for an effective lifecycle management at individual item level. IMT and IMVT allow traceability for individual pieces of laundry, data collection for customer-specific accounting, and precise inventory control.

The embroidered antennas in the IMT or IMVT can be adapted individually (within technical limits such as antenna length, etc.), serialised and altered at short notice. In combination with transfer or embroidered emblems, these IMT and IMVT allow expanded application in many textile areas.