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Location Theuma
Die Besonderheiten dieses Betriebs sind Firmenembleme, Einstickungen, Namensembleme, Transfers, Patchembleme und unser Nähservice.

The buildings and grounds of the factory in Theuma were acquired by MÄNNEL in 1991. The same year saw the complete renovation and commencement of production. The traditional MÄNNEL company in Kraichtal create the prerequisites for the foundation and expansion of one of the most modern factories in the labelling industry.

The factory celebrated its 10th anniversary in September 2001. As well as satisfied customers, many guests from the fields of business and politics also came.
New developments in embroidery and printing technology, products and customer care, rigorous implementation of market analysis have ensured the constantly positive development of the MÄNNEL Group. As well as the entire product range of the MÄNNEL companies, production was also expanded and a sewing service commenced in 2012/2013. (The capacity in the sewing service was increased four-fold as early as 2014).

The town of Theuma is located at the centre of the Vogtland district, around eight kilometres to the south of the district town of Plauen. Theuma is situated on a high plain, at an altitude of ca. 500 metres above sea level.