Männel Textile Abzeichen
Männel Textile Abzeichen
Männel Textile Zeichen
Männel Textile Abzeichen

Classic transfers for your textile materials.
We can also equip your textile materials with transfer prints for
a reasonable price. Request your non-binding informational
material today!

Classic transfers are used primarily for the subsequent labelling of textiles that have already been made. Transfers can be applied to almost all textiles, and clothing labelled in this manner ensures a very professional appearance.

Transfer emblems can be used for almost all images (including photos), which can be reproduced on your textiles. Labelling your clothing decorated in this manner is the best way to draw attention to your textiles. The trans-nylon is a universally applicable transfer label of the highest stability and durability.


»Favoured areas of use: polo shirts, t-shirts, t-shirts, leisurewear, etc. With special adhesive equipment and, after individual tests, also on all-weather clothing, nylon jackets, etc.