Männel Textile Abzeichen
Männel Textile Abzeichen
Männel Textile Zeichen
Männel Textile Abzeichen

Woven labels for your textile materials.
We can also equip your textile materials with transfer prints for
a reasonable price. Request your non-binding informational
material today!

Almost all images are possible in the woven method.
Woven labels have a weave fabric (warp), in which the image (weft) is woven. By using the finest yarn, this procedure also ensures optimum stability and a reproduction that is true to detail. This product is characterised by its high stability, long durability and a high degree of washability.

Woven labels are made primarily for sewing onto clothing, but also for applying patches.


»Favoured areas of use: fashionable clothing, inner labelling of clothing, brand signets on high-quality daywear, working clothes, uniforms, leisurewear, etc...